Business and Non Profit Translation Services

Do you wish to do business in another country? Do you want a translation service which is aware of cultural differences and idiomatic expressions in your new foreign target market? 

We are here for you...

Perhaps you are a Realtor with clients from other countries who have bank or tax documents which need to be translated?

This is what we do!

We have provided translation services to a wide range of companies, all the way from Medtronic to Bimbo Bakeries USA. We are now poised to serve your business or organization wherever you may be located. We will work hard to make sure you instill confidence in your new clientele.

The United States of America was founded on the principles of free enterprise and competition, and we continue to be a land where innovation and creativity abound. At El Paso Language Services, we enthusiastically take on any and all projects in helping businesses, both large and small, for Profit and Not for Profit, gain a competitive edge by providing information about its products or services in the various languages of its clientele.

Whether it be a law office wanting to reach out to the Spanish-speaking population in the area it serves, or a business wanting to offer its services in a foreign country. We are with you from start to finish, all the way from translating your advertisements, which includes localization (understanding local customs and idiomatic expressions), to translating your company policies, articles of incorporation, brochures, training manuals etc.

We also have different pricing options depending on the kind of service your organization needs. For a lower rate, we can translate your text using one translator and one quality control specialist. This high quality translation is recommended for simple, general documents and other day to day material that your organization may need, plus you receive the benefit of a faster turn-around rate.

For advertising, press releases and formal presentations, we can assign two translators and a project manager for a slightly higher rate, therefore guaranteeing you premium quality in your translation. For this service, we do ask that you allow us more time to ensure that our in-house quality standards are met.

Please contact us via e-mail or by phone if you have any questions regarding our different levels of service. And please keep in mind, we will listen to you and try to understand your needs, and we will not try to up-sell you any service that would be an over-kill to your needs. Our success comes by establishing long-term relationships with our business and organizational clients based on honest, friendly service and providing high quality translations at fair rates in a timely manner.